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About Dr. Steve Maraboli
Dr. Steve Maraboli is a Behavioral Scientist specializing in Motivational Psychology, Leadership Dynamics, and the Peak Performance Mindset. A popular keynote speaker, author, and social observer, he is recognized as a leading voice in the fields of Business, Personal Enhancement, and the Human Potential.

Dr. Steve has delivered his impactful, entertaining, and unforgettable speeches in over 30 countries, earning numerous awards while being enthusiastically praised by media. His quotes and videos have become a social media sensation, motivating and inspiring millions across the globe. His written work has been published and shared throughout the world in more than 25 languages.

Dr. Steve serves on the Executive Board of the Michael Thomas Research Center for Social & Behavioral Science in New York, is a Professional Contributor at Everyday Health Magazine, and oversees his philanthropic organization, A Better Today International, which has empowerment, education, and humanitarian programs in over 40 countries.

He is the creator of a new breakthrough science-based coaching/enhancement program, Psycho-Neuro-Actualization™, or as he refers to it, “The science of getting out of your own way.”  

"The second he enters the room you feel his presence. He delivers a passionate call to action, challenging you to look in the mirror and remember who you are. His warmth and passion will inspire you to master your life and to touch other's."

- Doug Lasper, Fortune

"He's amazing but real! Not only does Steve give you every tool you need to achieve personal excellence, but his knowledge, passion, and dedication will inspire you. He combines timeless wisdom with side-splitting humor, simplifies it for today's use, and delivers it effortlessly."

- Greg Davis, USA Today

With 15+ years of successful experience as a Business Consultant, Executive/Leadership Coach, and Peak Performance Coach, Dr. Steve Maraboli works with his clients at his private practice in Port Washington, Long Island or world-wide through Skype.

One of the most quoted living writers, Steve is the author of several international bestsellers: “Life, the Truth, and Being Free”, “The Power of One”, “Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience”, and “La Vida, La Verdad, Y Ser Libre”.

Visit Steve's Site: www.stevemaraboli.com 
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"Radio star, Steve Maraboli's book, 
Life, the Truth, and Being Free, 
is a masterpiece of wisdom."
- James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy 

"A practical guide to living your 
true beauty and potential."
- Kristine Carlson, 
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Women 

"Steve Maraboli is one of the great positive 
influences of our time. His book is filled with inspirational gems of spiritual wisdom, practical advice, and the poetry of our humanity."
- John Welshons, 
One Soul, One Love, One Heart
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"Steve's book contains the practical and simple wisdom about life and what we are each here for; to help the person in front of us by doing what they need now. Let it guide you each day of your life."
- Bernie Siegel, MD.,
365 Prescriptions For The Soul

"Steve Maraboli's energy of optimism, service, and praise is nothing short of contagious in this profound 'little' book. This book is a jewel and a blockbuster... Thank you, Steve, for changing our lives!" 
- Daphne Rose Kingma, 
The Ten Things To Do When Your Life Falls Apart